Lien Deadlines for All 50 States

By: Michael Einterz, Jr. 

Often a contractor finds themselves on a project outside of their normal stomping grounds. For may of our Indiana clients, they might pick up a project just over the border in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, or Illinois. Some contractors straddle state borders with all of their projects, and others are 'nationwide.' Regardless of the reason, the location of the project is critically important. 

The documents might appear identical, the prices might be comparative, and the contractor might even call on his 'usual' subcontractors to complete the job, but the laws of the land control the project. This is no more apparent than when it comes time to file a mechanic's lien on the project. 

Scott Wolfe Jr. of the Construction Lien Blog has assembled a handy chart that covers Mechanic's Lien timelines for all 50 states, including the preliminary notice, lien, and filing suit on the lien. Check out the Mechanic's Lien Chart and browse Scott's blog on the chart. Also check out the Construction Lien Blog for other handy pieces of information for contractors working in multiple states. 

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